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Nicola De Bello was born in Udine from a nice chromosomic mix, on April 13th 1961 (the "cruellest month"), and has lived in Padua since 1976. Though officially trained in sciences, he has always devoted himself to arts, and to music in the first place. He studied guitar in Udine with Maestro Prenna and attended the Conservatory of Music of Padua, which he left in favour of the faculty of Electronic Engineering of the University of Padua, where he got a degree in 1987 writing a thesis on the prosody of statements in the text-to-speech voice synthesys of the Italian language. Among his formative experiences we must include: more than twenty years of Green Cross ambulances in Padua, physical abuses due to his stubborn practice of rugby in the Paduan teams, and a raving love for the winter waves of North Adriatic Sea. He has worked in Information Security for many years, but he is trying to quit. He is married and has two sons, who are by now much better than him at music and sports. The larceny of "I versi rubati", his first collection of poetry, has involved the works of T. S. Eliot, S. T. Coleridge, the Greek lyricists, Greek and Latin poets, hermetic Italian Poets, Pedro Salinas and many more, as well as the lyrics of popular music of the last forty years. Unpublished verses are included in: “Padova finestra aperta alla poesia” (Daigo Press), “Il Federiciano 2014 – Libro Ambra” (Aletti), "Riflessi 139" (Pagine) and "Prospettive 42" (Pagine). He illustrated two kids books: “Whisky e Strüdel” and “Billo e il Filo”, written by Silvia So. His new collection of poetry, “Non di cronache”, is now finished. In June 2010 he founded WARE'S ME, a small company dealing with Apps for kids with special needs. Nowadays he can be found playing some acoustic or electronic instrument at the Cultural Association “ArtEmozione” in Padova, which he co-founded together with real musicians. See also herehere, here, here, here and here